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False Alarm.

//Makorra fic

Anon prompt: Korra gets sick while pregnant and has to be taken to the hospital. Mako is overcome with worry.

Mako’s hands ran shakily through his hair. How long had he been in that waiting room. Two hours? Three? Either way it was too long. 

Korra had never been so violently ill before, even her morning sickness wasn’t that bad. Mako had insisted he bring her to the hospital. She refused of course, and it took Mako quite a bit to convince her, but he did. He just hoped he didn’t do it too late. 

He had no idea what he would do if he lost Korra or the baby. Maybe he and his wife could eventually get over the absolute tragedy of a miscarriage, but Mako would never be able to move on without Korra. His jaw clenched.

A door swung open and a doctor came out with Korra. Mako ran to her and wrapped his arms around the Avatar. He didn’t care what the doctor or any of the other people thought. He needed to feel her, know that she was okay.

"She’s fine, her and the baby just had a pretty bad bout of indigestion.  I would recommend you stay away from those extreme fire nation foods while pregnant." The doctor gave Mako and Korra a scolding look before walking away.

Korra smiled sheepishly and was about to apologize to Mako for all of the fuss, but he had buried his head in the crook of her neck and squeezed her tightly.

"Thank spirits you’re okay. I was so worried. I’m so happy it was nothing serious."

Korra felt her heart lurch. She placed a kiss atop Mako’s head. 

"Everything’s fine. I love you."